Week full of actions

The second week in Zarasai local library was full of events and competitions.

The Monday morning started at the primary school “Santarves”. There was a poetry competition between pupils. They read poems. We didn’t understand the content but their way of reading and acting was so expressive and impressive. We liked and admired it very much. While the judges were choosing the best of the best, we were dancing, jumping and signing with all of the guests. Later Liudmila Vaitaviciene (the librarian) in the role of a funny and positive hare demonstrated 5 kids’ books from the library. It was done in order they became interested in reading. After the results we congratulated children and took photos. It was amazing and funny.

On Thursday kids’ authors and artists Kestutis Kasparavicius and Sigute Ach were invited at the library. They write and draw pictures to their books themselves. They entertained and played with children.

On Friday there was one more poetry competition among children who came with their teachers from the district towns.

During this week we leant how the library works. Now we know what programme the librarians use in order to give, take, register books. We know more about numbers and letters on books. The working system becomes clear day after day.

To be continued…


Clemence and Elvira 😉


First week in Zarasai

Our first day in Zarasai public library was the 9th of November. The town we will be staying for 10 months is surrounded by 7 lakes. On the end of October the library opened a new building with all modern technologies such as: 3D screen, telescope in the science department, touchscreen computers. Thanks to the extension the public can admire the picturesque view of the lakes.

During the week we posted some information on Facebook as community manager. We also attended the conference of a famous Lithuanian poet, essayist Liutauras Degesys. We had the Nordic Library Week 2015, children of the 4th grade came to visit it. They played, read and had fun.

On the weekend we visited an island in Zarasai where some events and festivals take place during summer.

image image image image


Clemence and Elvira 🙂