20 years of EVS and the opening of the touristic season

On the 28th of May we participated in the opening of the touristic season in Zarasai. We also celebrated the 20 years of EVS during the same day.

We organized some games and prepared some questions about EVS (what is EVS and what does it mean to you personally?)

The event took place on the island. Out library had a tent where different activities were organized for everybody. From the very morning we helped the workers and visited other tents that also prepared something to amuse and entertain people.

We met volunteers and shared our experience and thoughts about EVS and the day itself.

The weather was perfect. Wefelt that summer was coming.



Visiting Salakas

On the 13th of May we visited Salakas, Grazute park and the museum with our mentor Tomas and his friends.

We had a walk in the park, visited the only church made of rocks in Lithuania. We met with other volunteers and made a video about EVS.

The European Day

On the 10th of May there was celebrated the European Day in the public library of Zarasai. We had presentations about our countries (Russia and France). We prepared some questions to the audience and gave presents to the winners. We talked a little bit about EVS in general and about our project in the library.

Our receiving organization Deineta came to Zarasai and also made a presentation about EVS.

The library was full of local people, guests, children that took part in different competitions, games and entertainments. The day was sunny, very positive and at the end we ate very big and beautiful cake.

The mid-term training

From the 5th to 9th of May we had our mid-term training that took place in Dubingiai, in a remote area on the way from Vilnius to Molėtai

We talked and discussed our projects, played different games, visited the museum of astronomy in Moletai.

We met friends and new volunteers. Good experiecnce and nice chilling time.



A visit to the library in the hospital

On the 23d of the March we visited the library at the hospital. That library belongs to the Zarasai public library where we work. The librarian, our student (she attends our English club) prepared some tasks for us. We talked about our favorite authors and books. It was really nice.

And she wrote a small article about us:

Zarasų viešoji biblioteka Ligoninės filialas.

#aš_skaitau_nes tai padeda atsipalaiduoti nuo gyvenimo kasdienybės. Mėgiamos yra tos knygos, kurios yra naudingos… Istorinės knygos. Garsiai galvoja Clémence, savanorė atvykusi iš Prancūzijos.
#aš_skaitau_nes tai puikus laisvalaikio praleidimas. Per knygas ir skaitymą įgaunu daug žinių ir informacijos. Mąsto Elvira, savanorė, atvykusi iš Rusijos.
Elvira ir Clémence mėgsta skaityti klasikinę literatūrą. Jų mėgiamas rašytojas – H. Murakamis. Skaitant šio autoriaus kūrinius, savanorių teigimu, atsijungi nuo gyvenimo rutinos.