Presentation of EVS program

On the 22d of December there was a presentation of EVS program in the Zarasai public library with our mentor Tomas and students who came from Kupiskis. After our presentations the students asked some questions about us and EVS.


A musical concert

On Tuesday on the 8th of December there was a perfect evening of music at the Zarasu public library “the Lost manor in the shadows” with trio – Raimonda Janutėnaite (mezzo soprano), Victoria Zabrodaite (flute), Lavonia Baranauskaite (piano). Everybody was fascinated while listening to the tribute to M. K. Oginskio, the works of F. Chopin song and the other European composers of the XIX century.


We spent the 5th of December in Latvia in the second biggest city called Daugavpils. We visited the Arts, Historical and Cultural museum. It was very interesting. We were able to admire many religious and cultural objects.

We celebrated our first month in Lithuania by going to the Chinese restaurant called Golden Dragon. It was very delicious and the portions were quite big.

We saw some architectural monuments in the historical part of the city.


Birštonas is a balneological resort and a spa town in Lithuania situated 30 km south of Kaunas on the right bank of the Nemunas River.

We attended the Anual Conference about the National Association of Librarians. On the afternoon we had a chance to go to a SPA resort where we enjoyed swimming pool, sauna and bagno. The weather was sunny and we also had a walk in the city. We visited one museum and the church.


International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day (IVD) (December 5) is an international observance designated by the United Nations since 1985. It offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions – at local, national and international levels.

On the 4th of December on Friday there was held the International Volunteer Day at Azuolas gymnasium. All the volunteers made a presentation about the volunteering opportunities in Eroupe, especially the EVS programme. After this presentation the class was divided into small groups in order to look for some volunteering opportunities in Lithuania.



Clem and Elvira 😉

On Arrival training

My training started on the 23rd of November. It lasted 4 wonderful days full of colourful and bright memories. There were 17 volunteers from two organizations. We did a lot of things: got acquainted with each other, played games, drew portraits, walked, cooked national food. We really had a lot of fun.

After the training most of us stayed in Vilnius. On Thursday evening we visited the night language event in the bar. Many new people from different countries participated in various games and tasks. People were divided into several groups according to their wish and language preferences. There were such languages as Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian. It is a very good idea to organize such an event for volunteers, students, just for those who is interested in improving the language, to meet new friends and to have a good time. Later we visited several bars and had a party.

On Friday there was a free tour around Vilnius. The guide was a very good speaker. She gave information about the city and the history very vividly and interesting. I liked her immensely. We had a conversation about my duty and project she became interested in it. I visited Užupio Respublika. People living in it have their own constitution, currency, flag and rules.

In the evening I met with the other volunteers. There was a concert in the center of Vilnius and the Christmas tree was lighted.



Elvira 🙂