Denmark – Copenhagen; Spain -Barcelona; Italy -Rome

At the begining of July I had several amazing trips to tree countries: Denmark, Spain and Italy. I really did lоve them.

Copenhagen is very peaceful and calm. People like to drive not cars, but bikes. They have certain traffic rules and follow them. Parents use special bikes with carriages fir their small kids. Everything is beautiful. Nice houses with cosy yards. A perfect place to live and enjoy life 🙂

Barselona so far is the best city I’ve visited during my travels. People are warm, with kind natural smiles. The sea is perfect, it’s crowded but if you come early in the morning it’s ok 🙂 The architecture is wonderful and very beautiful. Sagrada Familia is eternally constructed piece of Gaudy’s  creation makes admire each detail.

Rome is full of atmosphere of ancient times. Very beautiful! Churches are amazing. Vatican and Coliseum, the cathedral of St. Peter – it’s a must to see.








Elvira Bigaeva 😉


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